Teambuilding is experiential educational program, aimed at developing the competencies of the participants, which are crucial for effective teamwork. These include the ability for team communication, problem solving, empathy, the ability to provide support or division of team roles. Specific objectives teambuilding established based on identifying the needs of the team or workgroup, which is conducted in close cooperation with the client. Teambuilding (either the outdoor or indoor ) use elements of experiential learning.


Looking for a specialist in teambuilding? In this area we are specialists. We will prepare unusual corporate events and arrange teambuilding programs. You will experience something special, your team completes training that makes sense. We have devised a system of team building team relationships that can foster loyalty and deepen a sense of responsibility for the team result. The success of team building corporate event brings a properly designed program, where employees are exposed to a completely new situations. Their solution must be found through teamwork. Let prepare experiential education programs on peace and work as a team.


The aim of teamspirit events is better understanding of team members and deepening informal relationships between colleagues. Teamspirit strengthen team spirit through unusual experiences in an informal setting. Break communication barriers and strengthen team identity, take the opportunity to establish a common language.

Assessment programme

Assessment program is an effective diagnostic method of choice for workers in business, management or other important positions, which gives priority to candidates much higher demands than a normal interview. Evaluation of the results of the assessment program administered accurate prediction on the performance potential candidate, which has for the proper functioning of society.