Czech mountains


Krkonoše - an island in the middle of the tundra of Europe - are unique mosaic of mountain ecosystems . The slopes of the mountains inhabits mountain forests and meadows , upper parts of the flat ridges grows on mountain pine , alpine grasslands and peat bog communities . Species-rich areas are also diamonds , caused by glaciers in the past . For this uniqueness and landscape value in 1963 declared a national park . Administration of the territory is responsible for managing the Krkonoše Mountains National Park, located in Vrchlabí .

Once you have had your fill of views out into the distance, set out from Mount Sněžka on one of the many nature trails to discover other gems of the countryside in the Krkonoše Mountains. One of the most popular is the nature trail passing through some wonderful mountain peat bogs to Luční bouda, where you can have a nice seat, rest, in summer enjoy some refreshments and in the winter possibly warm yourself with a mug of aromatic mulled wine. You can also set out to Špindlerův Mlýn, which is one of the most important Czech ski centres, or to Horní Malá Úpa.

Jizerské mountains

Jizerské Mountains are the northernmost mountain range in the Czech Republic. Stretch between the Krkonoše and the Lužické Mountains and northeastern portion with the highest peak ( Wysoka Kopa 1126 m above sea level) encroaches on the Polish territory . The highest peak on the Czech side is Smrk ( 1124 m asl) altitude of over 1000 meters achieves a number of other peaks .

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Climb Mount Sněžka

Mount Sněžka

– the queen of Czech mountains! The highest Czech mountain rises up from the long ridges of the Krkonoše Mountains like a pointed three-sided needle.

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